Skettis Daily Quest – A Great Money Maker

So you’re interested in the Skettis daily quest? Better make that ‘Skettis daily quests’ because there are actually three of them! Surprised? It’s not always easy to find all the information regarding the daily quests that are available. Learning about the quests available in Skettis is a good idea though, because they can be quite profitable.

Daily quests are a whole new breed of quest that was released after The Burning Crusade expansion for the World of Warcraft. Unlike their traditional brethren, daily quests can be repeated every single day, reaping the rewards over and over while continually improving your skills at completing the quests quickly and efficiently.

Skettis is located in the south eastern part of Terokkar Forest, and requires a flying mount to access. If you do not have a flying mount, you will not be able to complete any of these quests unfortunately. Don’t give up on daily quests though – there are plenty of others to do that can be finished without a flying mount.

There are two regular daily quests in Skettis as well as one cooking quest. The two regular dailies are available all of the time and thus can be completed every day. The cooking quest is part of the cooking rotation so it may or may not be available on any given day. You’ll have to check out the cooking quest of the day to see if it’s possible to complete it.

Fires Over Skettis is a quest that requires you to take blasting charges and fly around Skettis blowing up arakkoa hatcheries. They are located in the tops of the trees and buildings. This quest can be pretty quick but you’ll need to watch out for the adult arakkoa that are flying around trying to knock you off your mount.

Escape From Skettis is a fairly standard escort type of quest. You have to find the prisoner and then escort him off of the platform or building he is in. It is much shorter than most escort quests though, and often times the hardest part is just finding him. You probably want to clear a little ahead of where he is walking so that he doesn’t get killed.

Revenge Is Tasty is a cooking quest that requires a Giant Kaliri Wing from Skettis in order to complete it. If you don’t have a flying mount and this quest comes up, you’re probably better off just passing on it and waiting to do a cooking quest the next day.

If you are going to head to Skettis for one of these quests, you would be best served to do all of them. Why? You’ve already spent the time to fly all the way down there, you might as well take advantage of your location. Think of it this way: if you spent 5 minutes on travel and 5 minutes doing one quest, you are pacing at 1 quest per 10 minutes. If you do the second quest in another 5 minutes, you are now pacing 1 quest per 7.5 minutes, and if you do all three you will be approaching one quest per 5 minutes. That’s much better than flying out there just to complete a single daily quest. Also, if you do all three quests you will have almost 30g, and after all, that’s really the point, right?

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